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Spring Break Camp

Starting April 10th-April14th

Libero Volleyball Club will have Spring Brake Camp, schedule you can see below! Please register by April 1st and book your spot on time for fee $150, after April 1st fee will be $200! we also have optional to choose by session and fee will be $40 per each session! We are planing to work on skills of SET, PASS, SPIKE, SERVING, DIG, BLOCK! Number of players per group is limited!


Ages 7-11

Monday-Friday 11:30am-1pm

Fee $150

Ages 12-14

Monday-Friday 10am-11:30am

Fee $150

Ages 15-17

Monday-Friday 8:30am-10am

Fee $150


Address : 21586 Atlantic Blvd., Suite 130, Sterling, VA 20166

Privet lessons fees (gym + coach fee):

1 on 1 work with coach $60/ hour

Group of: 2 players with coach $90/ hour

Group of: 3 players with coach $120/ hour

Group of: 4 players with coach $140/ hour

                            Private lessons packages                       

 ( per one player, for group discount package contact us)

                                         Gold package :                                      $300 Including: 4 practices, 90 minutes duration (total 6 hours)

                                         Silver package :                                    $200 Including: 4 practices, 60 minutes duration (total 4 hours)

                                         Bronze package :                                  $150 Including: 4 practices, 45 minutes duration (total 3 hours)

Aditional opportunities

Professional personal or small group training


For athletes who want play for high school or college

  • Technical and Tactical training for specific position   
  • Strength and Conditions training for athletes

Enroling now:

  • All kids
  • All adults 

 * Guaranteed improvement *