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                            Libero Virginia K I D S  is a very important part of the                               Virginia Libero Volleyball club

                Libero Virginia K I D S is a section which enrolls children between                  3 and 10 years of age.

The main goal is that children avoid early specialization in a sport and develop and improve basic motor skills, such as:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Precision
  • Balance

The development of these skills creates a good base for the child, so that the child could later with ease exert all their motor potentials in any sport.

Working with children is based on games, which is a basic element of any sport which develops all motor skills, psychological skills, social skills of the child, learning to compete, to respect their friends, and to make new friendships.

Working with children will be organized and run by two coaches with extensive experience working with children of all ages. Coaches with high education-a university degree and significant experience and noticed results will constantly monitor children’s work and monitor their growth and development.

Most entertaining games which will children see as a form of entertainment and will not be aware that these games are developing all of their psycho-motor skills, greatly reduce the percentage obesity and various forms of health problems.

Physical activity is very important for children, especially in early childhood. Involvement of the child in physical activity of this type is of great importance because the child from the start can see that physical activities – sports, are an aspect of behavior that should be the main element of its life.

Engaging in activities of this type in our section Libero Virginia K I D S, your will give your child an enriched childhood, entertainment on one hand and it will  accept sport and physical activity as an everyday form of behavior that is normal on the other.

Give us your trust and we will justify it quickly and will reach mutual happiness and satisfaction !

It will be our pleasure if you become a part of Libero Virginia K I D S and also   a part of Libero Virginia Volleyball club.

Big sports greetings and see you on court !

Libero Virginia Volleyball club/Libero Virginia K I D S

Aditional opportunities

Professional personal or small group training


For athletes who want play for high school or college

  • Technical and Tactical training for specific position   
  • Strength and Conditions training for athletes

Enroling now:

  • All kids
  • All adults 

 * Guaranteed improvement *