Marina Barcari - Owner/ Kangoo Jumps and Gymnastics Instructor

Coach Marina was an Elite gymnast in Republic of Moldova and also a Moldovian National Team member. She received the honor of masters sports woman in 2008. She has over five years experience of coaching gymnastics in the USA and Europe. 

  • USA Gymnstics Certified Instructor
  • 14 Years of Gymnastics Background
  • ACE Personal Trainer Certified
  • Kangoo Jumps Instructor Certified
  • USAG Safety Certified
  • CPR & First Aid Certified

Coach Marina  has the desire and passion to share her love for sports and is very exited to be working with LIBERO customers.


 Vladimir Jelic - Owner/ Volleyball coach.

Vladimir Jelic - brings over 16 years of club and High school coaching! Coach Vladimir has been a coach for boys and girls at Sloboda Volleyball Club in Cacak, Serbia; Libero Volleyball Club in Cacak, Serbia; Student Volleyball Club in Nis, Serbia; Volleyball Club Nis in Nis, Serbia, Chantilly Volleyball Club, SYA Volleyball Club! 

He was also coaching Serbian National team of boys and girls of 13 - 14 years old! He was a coach at the University of Nis, Serbia for 3 years; Middle school King Peter 1st for 4 years; South Lakes High school Reston for 2 years!

He was a 2-times winner at Youth Regional Competition with Libero, Cacak; a 2-times  winner at a Volleyball Club Nis at Youth Regional Competition; a one-time winner at Middle school King Peter 1st at Regional Competition in Nis; later winner at Serbian National Competition for all Middle schools; a 2-times winner with the University of Nis for girls and a 3-times winner with University of Nis for boys! 1st place on CHRVA Club Regionals 2014 for U14's with Libero Virginia Volleyball Club! 1st place on CHRVA Club Regionals 2016 for U14's with Libero Virginia Volleyball Club!


PhD from the University of Nis, Serbia, major Sport and Physical Education.

Chesapeake Region - IMPACT Program Completed

Nemanja Rozgic - Volleyball coach.

Nemanja Rozgic - Has over 10 years experience like coach on highest club level with remarkable results in European volleyball.

Narrow specialist : Conditioning for athletes with high level of knowledge

Technical- Tactical elements!

Work Experience
2014 - 2015 - Volleyball club, Strength and Conditioning Coach, OK Spartak Subotica - Super League, Serbia (National / Vice Champions), CEV cup competition 2015/16
2012 - 2013 - Volleyball Instructor – Sports Academy - Serbia
20122013 - Young Backa Topola, Topola Volleyball academi / professional coach
2007 - 2012 - Volleyball club, O.K. Metalac Takovo, Gornji Milanovac Professional coach in league 2
2005 - 2007 - Volleyball club, OK Libero Cacak 

Education experience
2012 - College for High education of tutors and trainers in Subotica, Serbia,
( Average rating 9.70 (9 and 70/100))
2015 - Volleyball Certificate - Chesapeake Region - IMPACT - Program Completed

Sport experience ( professional Volleyball player )
2012-2013 - Volleyball club, O.K. Spartak Subotica, Subotica Volleyball player in super league in Serbia
2007-2011 - O.K. Metalac Takovo, Gornji Milanovac Professional Player and coach in league 2
2004-2007 - O.K. Cacak, Player and coach

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Aditional opportunities

Professional personal or small group training


For athletes who want play for high school or college

  • Technical and Tactical training for specific position   
  • Strength and Conditions training for athletes

Enroling now:

  • All kids
  • All adults 

 * Guaranteed improvement *

Coach : Vladimir Jelic

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Coach : Nemanja Rozgic

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