Libero Virginia - Volleyball club

U 14 Team

U14 - Team Libero Virginia 2013/2014

1. Mya McCormack

2. Danielle Whittington

3. Elassal Maya 

4. Mattza Monica

5. Thai Brianna

6. Plaza Ashley

7. Harris Alana

8. Schooling Cassidy

9. Grimm Elena

10. Dogu Elit Jasmine

11. Penta Meghal

12. Koppisch Abigail

13. Yoo Jessica

14. Mattza Jessica

Coach: Vladimir Jelic

If you want to watch some our games you can click on follow links:



Aditional opportunities

Professional personal or small group training


For athletes who want play for high school or college

  • Technical and Tactical training for specific position   
  • Strength and Conditions training for athletes

Enroling now:

  • All kids
  • All adults 

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